World Black Belt Certification Licensing Commission

Vice President Co. Founder

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Hanshi. Robert Handley


Presidemt / CEO / Chief Instructor


Hanshi Robert Handley was born in Louisville kentucky and has over 41 years of experience in the martial arts. Kyoshi Handley began his martial arts study in 1964 under Teji Saito Grandmaster in shotokan karate-do, and later spent four years living and training with the Grandmaster in kyoto Japan. In 1999 Kyoshi Handley was promoted to the rank of 8th Dan and appointed the President and Chief Operating Officer of the International Ryu Kyu Kai Karate-do Association by Saito Grandmaster. Hanshi Handley Co-Authored the book Shojukempo ryu with Hanshi Martin. Hanshi Handley brought a self-defense propgram to the Louisville Public school’s for children to be aware of child adduction. Hanshi handley has estinsive work with the state of Kentucky community baed service community partnership for the protection of children.. Hanshi Handley is married and has two sons Dahon and Robert who regularly train. Martial Arts studi


- Shotokan Karate-Do (1964 – Present)

- Kajukempo (1970 – Present)

- Bok Lum Pai Kung-fu (1973 – Present )

- Shojukempo ryu (1980 - Present)


Black Belt Ranks:

- 8th Degree Black Belt, Shotokan Karate-do

- 7th Degree Black Belt, Kajukempo

- 7th Level Black Sash, Bok Lum Pai Kung-Fu

- 9th Degree Black Belt, Shojukempo ryu



- Grandmaster Teji Saito, Shotokan Karate-do

- Grandmaster William Gregory, Kajukempo, Bok Lum Pai

- Grandmaster Larry S.L Martin, Shojukempo ryu, Bok Lum Pai


Association Affiliation:

- International Ryu Kyu Kai Karate-Do Association, President/ CEO

- Director of Tournaments & Sanctions, Hawaii International Martial Arts society

- World Japanese Karate Association, Delaware Representative

- International Sungja-Do Association, Delaware Representative

- North American Grandmaster Council, Senior Advisor, Delaware Representative

- Shojukempo International, Chairman Board of Director, Co-founder, US Operations Director



- B.A Communication, University of Rhode Island

- M.A Family life Education, Brown University

- Ph.D. University of Kentucky



- 1990 Chief Instructor, Employee self-defense Program, Louisville Kentucky Metro Parks. 

- 1991 Chief Instructor Defensive Tactic, Jefferson County Kentucky Private Security Authority.

- 1980 Chief Instructor, Karate for Kids Program

Mount Hope Neighborhood Association

- 1992 Chief Instructor, Public Safety Department

Phoenix Griffin Group Ltd., Providence, Rhode Island

- 1981 Co-Founded Shojukempo Ryu with Hanshi S.L Martin 1990 Chief Instructor,